It was last year in October, when we played with IGN at the guitar festival in Ullapool. (UK)
Outside the auditorium, a few guitar makers showed their guitars to all the Players and fans.I was quite interested in the nylon string guitars, made by James Doran, from Newcastle. So i spend some time playing his guitars and i really liked them… but when i looked at the price tag, i thought to Myself: „Maybe next life“.

After the concert, James and i had a nice talk in the pub and we connected in facebook.
So this year, James Doran came to see another concert, while we were touring the UK.

And last Saturday he came to meet me at the Vicente Amigo Concert in Munich. I was still recovering from beeing sick…

And James Doran surprised me, big time: He just built a flamenco guitar and he brought this amazing masterpiece as a present for me  – i still cant believe it, beeing the first player who gets a sponsored James Doran guitar!

I will make it sound great, James!

I love this new instrument, thanks so much!

Andre Krengel and James Doran


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